Ok, let’s try to make this simple and short. Fame Music is a new formula that merges the needs of 4 target audiences - unsigned artists, the music industry, brands and millennials - into one unique platform.
How do we do this? Through the widest selection of online competitions run by brands and the industry for artists, to offer them unique career opportunities and collaborations worldwide. From Electronic Music, to Urban, to Acoustic, to Pop, Fame Music covers all genres and territories and with views in the millions it’s the ideal tool for brands to target millennials through music.
Born in Dubai and with its headquarter in London, Fame Music is a very young, eclectic and international team that merges the best professionals within marketing, music and tech.

Our Amazing Team


Marco Bettelli



Mary Ellen Fenton

Social Media Manager

Marco Bettelli

Elisabetta Faggiana

General Manager


Kaki Wong

Video Maker


Gianni Michelini

Management Consultant


Ben Purslow

Lead Developer


Alex Pluda

Head of Tech and Design