General FAQ


How do I create an account?

It’s super easy! If you don’t have an account you can sign up either with an e-mail address, or through your Facebook. On your right hand side you should see a “Sign Up Now” button - click on that and it will lead you through the process!

Can I send you my music?

Yes, absolutely! The best way to do so is to create an account on Fame Music and then upload your tracks, as we constantly listen to new music on the site to pick artists to feature. You can also send us the link to your user profile at

When do your competitions launch?

We are constantly rolling out different competitions, and we try our best to do a variety of different genres, across all countries. Keep an eye out across our socials to see when new ones are launching, and which you will be able to compete in!

How do I cancel my Fame Music account?

We’re working on adding that as an option on the site, but right now the only way to do so is to please e-mail us at with your Username, and the e-mail you signed up with (if you chose to sign up this way). If you can also let us know a bit about why you are choosing to leave, we’d love to hear that as well. We appreciate your feedback to help us understand what we could do better!



Competition FAQ


I really want to enter a competition, but it’s not available in my country, what can I do?

We’re constantly working on creating awesome competitions across all genres and territories for you. If we don’t have any right now in your specific genre or country, don’t worry! Keep an eye across our socials for when we announce new ones which could be open for you!


I think a contestant is cheating, what can I do?

We take cheating very seriously, and look into every report we receive. Our competitions have a secure system in place that alerts us of fraudulent voting. If we find evidence of cheating we will first warn the user and delete the fake votes; if the user violates the rules again we will permanently delete them from being able to participate in competitions. If you want to report any suspicious activity, please email us at

How is the winner chosen?

Most of the Fame competitions select the winner through the following process:

The first stage is where the public voting process selects the Top 30 finalists. The panel of industry judges listen to these finalists’ entries, giving feedback and a score of 1-10 - based on their thoughts on the song’s creativity & overall quality. From here the Top 10 artists with the highest scores will continue on, and need to upload another original track (or mix, depending). The final judging stage is a mixture of public and the industry panel; the panel listen to & rate this new upload on the same scale, at the same time public voting remains open. The final scores to decide the winners are created as such: [Average of Judges’ Scores x # of Public Votes].

*Please note that while this is the majority of the competitions, not every single competition is always exactly the same - make sure to read the specific contest’s T&Cs to understand the selection of the Top 3 winners.

I’m having trouble uploading my track/video for the competition.

Please drop us a line at letting us know exactly what happened when you tried to upload it, along with sending us your Username and the track and/or video. We will look into what happened and can also then upload the track and/or video for you from the backend.

Help, how do I vote for my friend’s track?

First, make sure you create an account with us either on Facebook or with an e-mail! Then, from there if you go to the competition’s Chart page and click on the track you want, you will see a little “heart”. Click on that, and boom! You’ve given your friends a lovely vote.



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