Hype Generator

A nationwide marketing and social campaign tailored around your brand will promote the project through exclusive video content, viral activities, PR and social engagement.

The judges, the contestants and our partners will be an integral part of the promotion of the competition ensuring the virality of the contest.


Target Audience

Rap is one of the biggest genres in Italy, with over 13 million followers. The target audience is predominantly millennials that are  extremely active on social media, on online purchasing and strongly interested in storytelling and in a transparent brand perception. 



16-28 years old

70% M 30% F




The Challenge

  1.        Upload an original track and a presentation video  
  2.        A dedicated team will approve all tracks within 48 hours
  3.       Public vote to select 30 finalists

  4.       Finals - Shablo will produce an original beat for the finalist

  5.       Panel to select winner

  6.       Live event with min. 5,000 people (name TBC)

  7.       Production in studio with Shablo